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Cyprus is famed for its natural beauty and numerous stunning spots and sites, but, reasonably enough some of them are better known to visitors from abroad, while others, despite their charm, are shrouded in obscurity.

This article is dedicated to them. You will discover 8 magnificent sites across Cyprus that you have probably never heard of or seen in the pages of a magazine or a tourist website. 


  1. Elia’s Venetian Bridge

The best known medieval bridge in Cyprus is that of Tzelefos. Few know of the wonderful Venetian Bridge in a quaint little village called Elia, very close to the Kaminaria village. Bridging the ever-burbling waters of Dhiarizos River deep within the woodlands surrounding Paphos, its sight leaves you mesmerised with its beauty.


  1. The Tamassos Canyon

A canyon? In Cyprus?

Yes, you’ve read it right. No more than 30 km from Nicosia, the Tamassos Canyon seems like a deep cut in the rocky formations of the area, adorned with the emerald waters of the Pediedos River that gently cross the untamed terrain.


  1. The Sculpture Park in Ayia Napa

Nestled by the east coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is famous all around the globe for its turquoise waters. Still, little is known about its impressive sculpture park – an array of imposing sculptures rising across an arid territory. These amazing pieces of art have been shaped by several local and foreign artists that used nothing but the local stone.


  1. The Avakas Gorge

 inner avakas

A Trekker’s haven and a true wonder of nature, Avakas Gorge is well known, but few newcomers actually take the time to visit it and marvel at its beauty up-close. Running through the Akamas nature reserve, the Gorge is carved out of limestone formations and rises at an imposing height of 30 metres. The best way to unlock its secrets is by trekking along the Gorge’s stream.


  1. The Xyliatos Dam

The area around the Xyliatos Dam is just perfect for rinsing the eyes! Just picture shining blue waters crossing a mountainous terrain covered by thick forestry and you will get a good idea of the place’s unadulterated beauty. Just ramble across the nature that snakes through the area, and enjoy a light meal with your friends a loved-ones by the dam.


  1. Agios Sozomenos

Agios Sozomenos is an old and uninhabited village outside Nicosia, full of spectacular ruins, some of which date as back as the 16th century, like the Gothic church of Agios Mamas. While it is sad to see the village deserted, a visit will convince you that beauty never left the place. 

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  1. Stavrovouni

Crowned by a very old monastery (more than a thousand years old) that overlooks its wondrous landscape, Stavrovouni is considered by locals as the most mesmerising mountain across the island.


  1. The Milomeri Falls

The Milomeri Falls are formed by the Kryos Potamos river and are the highest in Cyprus (more than 20 metres) – as well as the most underrated natural sight across the island. Glistening waters echoing a soothing, truly relaxing sound are ideal for those among us that prefer tranquillity to scores of tourists and the buzz of the city.


Indeed, Cyprus has much more to offer than it is often portrayed in the magazines or featured in tourist websites on the Internet – especially to people that wish to recuperate from a health ordeal. Find out why Cyprus is the perfect place for your recuperation, by clicking here.

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