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There are many advantages to seeking your medical treatment overseas, from low costs, to the extremely high level of expert care, all in a setting perfect for recuperation. It’s no wonder Medical Tourism in Cyprus is on the rise. Packing for any trip can be troublesome, but when you’re packing ready for your medical trip, it’s even more important to make sure you pack everything you may need. Here are ten things that you must pack for your trip…


  1. Passports

If there’s one thing any traveller worries about forgetting most, it’s their passport. You won’t be able to fly without it, and if you’re booked in for surgery, you don’t want to risk missing your appointment. Ensure your passport is in date and of course those of anyone who may be travelling with you.


  1. Your medical paperwork

Your doctor will have provided you with documentation to present to the medical staff who will be treating you in Cyprus. This is vital for your treatment to go ahead and so it’s always wise to take an extra copy and keep one in your hand luggage with you.


  1. Credit card and currency

When travelling for medical reasons, it’s handy to have some local currency so you don’t have to worry about converting your money while you’re away. Taking a credit card gives you the reassurance that funds are to hand should you need them. But do let your credit card provider know you are going away though or they may block transactions made abroad.


  1. Medication

Be sure to pack any medication you need that you may require while recuperating. Finding branded products you’re used to may be difficult when you’re in a different country, so anything you depend on, stock up and take it with you.


  1. After care items

There may be other products you need too, items such as wound dressings, gauze and scissors. It’s simpler to take them with you rather than trying to buy them when you’re recuperating and may not feel like a shopping trip.


  1. Suitable clothing

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While travelling, and spending time in hospital, loose fitting clothing will ensure you are comfortable. Don’t forget to pack lighter clothes for your recuperation period though as it can get very hot in Cyprus and spending time relaxing outdoors will do wonders for your recovery.


  1. Comfort food

If you have a delicate stomach, it might be best to take some plain food that you’re familiar with. After surgery you may not have a great appetite for a time and this familiar food will be reassuring and your body will tolerate it. When you’re feeling better you can then begin to explore all the culinary delights that Cyprus has to offer.

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  1. Insect repellent and sunscreen

Of course you’ll need to take all the usual things that you would pack for a holiday, so don’t forget your insect repellent and especially your sunscreen!


  1. Personal items

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Some home comforts will make you feel more at home, so pack those comfortable slippers, take a good book and even taking your own pillow can help you to sleep better.


  1. Contact details

Finally, have a list of all the important names, numbers and addresses. This should include your doctor at home and the Cyprus medical facility you will be staying in, as well as the details of your hotel.


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