Paphos certainly has a long and rich history. The city has been inhabited since neolithic times, and with so many sites of archaeological and historical significance, the entire city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site! In Paphos you’ll discover ruins dating from the 12th century BC, the middle ages and the Roman period. For anyone with an interest in history, this truly is a fascinating place to visit and it’s an amazing way to bring history lessons to life for your children, perhaps sparking a life long interest in the subject.

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Stunning sights to see in Paphos Town

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to taking a step into the past and discovering the history of Cyprus among the streets of Paphos and the surrounding countryside. You won’t have to travel far to see these amazing sites that we believe everyone should visit while staying in Cyprus


The Paphos mosaics

These stunning works of art have been gracefully restored for you to enjoy. Once the floors of a sumptuous Roman villa, these colourful and intricate designs depicting scenes from Greek mythology are spectacular. They’re so well preserved it’s hard to imagine that they date back to the 2nd and 3rd century BC!



Tombs of the Kings

These awe-inspiring underground tombs, carved into the rock itself, are certainly impressive. A visit here is also a chance to escape the blazing midday sun as you explore and admire the splendour of the tombs, complete with magnificent Doric pillars. You’ll soon realise that very important people were buried here. While they may not have been kings, they were certainly aristocracy.

These tombs will rival any you’ve seen in Egypt. The Tombs of the Kings are located within the Paphos Archaeological Park which also has a lot more to offer, so do take time to explore the other ancient ruins within the park, it’s a fascinating day out.


The Sanctuary of Aphrodite

Dating back to the 12th century BC, the remains of this famous structure can be found just a short drive away from Paphos harbour. The site has been referred to in classical literature and even now, thousands of years later, the walls are still standing firm and strong. At this site you’ll also find a museum which is very informative, and also holds some unique treasures. One such treasure that is well worth seeing is the black rock. This rock is a black basalt stone which originally represented the Goddess of Cyprus. The rock has been mentioned in literary sources throughout history and also featured on Cypriot Roman coins.

Step away from the main ruins and you will see further ruined structures. These date from Roman times, and were constructed by the Romans to cater for the huge crowds who would visit the site to worship Aphrodite. Of course now these ruins have become a tourist attraction in themselves.


Visiting Cyprus is good for mind, body and soul

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Taking a look back in time like this gives you a wonderful feeling of the continuity of life. It can really help to enable you to let go of your everyday stresses and appreciate a world that existed thousands of years before we were even born. Historical sites can feed the imagination yet they can also give us perspective on our own lives. When visiting the Paphos area for healthcare reasons, your recuperation would be well spent discovering the historical sites of the area, while you enjoy the light exercise in the warming Cyprus sunshine. The perfect recuperation.


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