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The beautiful island of Cyprus is famous for many things. The wonderful climate, the blue flag beaches and of course the delicious halloumi cheese. It’s also famous for being steeped in history and as such there are many sites of historical and archaeological significance that you can visit when you’re in Cyprus. One such site is the Catacombs of Agia Solomoni located in Kato Paphos. It’s a beautiful spot to visit, with a feeling of peace and tranquillity that pervades throughout.

Built in the Hellenistic period, an open courtyard is surrounded by rooms caved into the rock, there are five in total. Step into the rooms and you’ll immediately feel cool, a welcome escape from the midday sun. Visit all the rooms and you’ll discover some surprises such as the remnants of Christian paintings, a spring and even 13th century graffiti left by the Crusaders.

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So who was Saint Solomoni? Well, Saint Solomoni was one of the first to convert to Christianity, and a Christian church was built over the catacombs in the 9th century. She was a Christian Jew from Judea and she had seven sons. Antiochus Epiphanes, a Syrian King and ruler of Cyprus wanted to humiliate Jews and so he told her sons that they had to eat pork (forbidden in the Jewish religion) or they would die. They refused to eat the pork and so the King killed them all. In reaction to this tragedy Agia Solomoni threw herself into a fire. She was declared a saint for her martyrdom.

Rooted in the catacombs is a large and beautiful Terebinth tree that almost looks as if it is part of the catacombs itself as the roots are embedded within the catacomb walls. You’ll instantly notice that this tree is covered in ribbons and cloth. These are not simply decorations, these are offerings to Saint Solomoni and it is believed that by leaving such an offering your wishes can come true. There’s even a kiosk close by selling scarves and handkerchiefs for you to leave as your offering if you’d also like to make a wish.


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The Catacombs of Saint Solomoni is just one of the awe-inspiring and magical historical places you can visit while you’re staying in Cyprus. Sometimes it’s so lovely to step away from the beaches and see some sites that are truly unique that you’ll remember for a long time and that have a profound effect on our mind. Visiting such sites is particularly beneficial for anyone visiting Cyprus on a healthcare holiday. Cyprus is a fabulous place for recuperation. You can take each day of your recovery at a pace that suits you, with the uplifting beneficial sun shining down on you every day. Getting out and about for a gentle stroll is a great way to aid your recovery and so you can pick out a new place to visit every day. Perhaps you’ll visit the wishing tree and wish for a speedy recovery?

With world class medical care at very affordable prices, over 300 days of sunshine and a wealth of attractions and beautiful views, Cyprus is certainly a great choice for holidaymakers and medical tourists alike. For more information on having your medical treatment in Cyprus, please visit our website.


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