Cyprus simply overflows with natural beauty, and of course having over 300 days of sunshine every year really helps any visitors to fully appreciate all that Cyprus has to offer. With gorgeous golden sand beaches and crystal clear waters you simply can’t fail to relax and unwind, the stresses of daily life just fade away. Or head out to the national parks where you’ll find exhilarating hiking trails with amazing panoramic views. One of the joys of Cyprus is that it is packed full of surprises. You never quite know what wonders you’re going to discover next. An ancient historical site, a secluded hidden beach, or a magnificent cascading waterfall. You’ll find gems such as these all over the island. We couldn’t possibly list them all here, but here is our ‘must see’ list of some of the most splendid natural wonders in Cyprus…

1. Petra tou Romiou

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Also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, Petra tou Romiou is a natural rock formation on the Paphos coast that attracts many visitors. Legend has it, that the rock was part of the shell that carried Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, to the island of Cyprus.  With links to beauty, luck, love and fertility, it’s a popular spot for newly weds and romantic couples and it’s a beautiful place to take some photographs too.

 2. Avakas Gorge

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Avakas Gorge is quite unique and perfect for anyone who enjoys hiking. The gorge was formed by the flow of an ancient stream, eroding the limestone over thousands of years, to leave a corridor that is 3km long, with walls up to 30 meters high at either side. Rich in native flora and fauna, it’s also a great opportunity to spot the rare centauria akamandis, a plant that is so rare, it only exists in the Avakas gorge.

3. Millomeri Waterfalls

 There’s something so magical about falling water, and the 15 meter high Millomeri Falls are certainly a sight to behold. You can either take the picturesque 1km walk to the falls from the Platres Church, or alternatively, there’s easy access via car too.

 4. Cape Greco

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The Cape Greco national park has so much to offer. Take to the trails and you’ll discover the pretty whitewashed chapel of Agio Anargyroi, the Kamara tou Koraka natural bridge, and the famous sea caves. On your journey you’ll be totally spoilt with the most amazing panoramic sea views. There are trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels so you can pick one that works best for you, and there are special designated cycle trails too. 

5. Limassol Sand Dunes

Everyone familiar with Cyprus will have visited the golden sand beaches, but the sand dunes at Limassol are totally different. Remote and mysterious, there’s an otherworldly feel here, quite unlike any other area of the island. If you truly want to get away from it all, a visit to the dunes is the perfect place to reflect and feel at peace. You can easily imagine you’re in the middle of a desert, it really is quite a profound experience. 


A wonderful destination

Whether you’re visiting Cyprus for a much needed break, or for medical purposes, these natural attractions are sure to delight you. Cyprus is a popular destination for medical tourists, and if this is something you’re considering yourself, please do get in touch or visit our website for further information.

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