For many, the main draw of the island is the glorious beaches, the nightlife and the wide range of water sports and activities on offer. However, Cyprus has so much to offer, particularly if you step a little further off the beaten track. If for you, a holiday is all about peace and tranquillity, soothing the mind and being at one with nature, then an agrotourism trip will be your perfect retreat. Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the stresses and strains of work and routine, and embrace the wonders of the Cypriot countryside! For anyone recuperating after medical treatment, this is a great natural, traditional road to recovery.  

With so many beautiful, unspoilt villages, Cyprus is the ideal location for an agrotourism holiday. Here are just some of the locations you could visit… 

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Pafos Region

With links to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Pafos is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons and it certainly does have an air of renewal and new beginnings. History abounds in this region, ancient sites are plentiful, yet they blend with the modern world almost seamlessly with a wide range of attractions available such as sports, gastronomic experiences and of course the golden sand beaches. Agrotourists should check out the villages of Kathikas, a picturesque stone-built village surrounded by vineyards on top of the Laona plateau, and Pano, Kato Akourdalia, a serene and tranquil spot, home to the oldest botanical and herbal museum in Cyprus.


Limassol Region

Limassol is a diverse region with something for everyone. Rich in culture, it has a cosmopolitan feel and accommodates those with an eye for lively nightlife and shopping opportunities, as well as it does those who look for history and archaeological sites. Just outside the city though, you’ll find some superb, quaint villages for your agrotourism trip. You should consider Vouni village with its pretty cobbled streets and traditional houses, and Episkopi village, where you’ll find several sites of historic interest, and the breathtaking Apollon Haylates nature trail.
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Larnaka Region 

With a blend of buildings, there’s a real ‘East meets West’ feel in Larnaka that is truly unique. Take time to delve into the history of the area and you’ll unearth a wealth of fascinating stories. Well worth a visit is the village of Lefkara where you can watch craftspeople create intricate silver handicrafts and the lace that has made the village famous. Or head up to Kato Dry village, located 520 meters above sea level, this hilly village has a cooler climate and is rich in natural beauty. It’s also home to Larnaka’s largest vineyard. 


Nicosia Region  

Nicosia is perhaps one of the most modern and European areas of Cyprus yet there’s still plenty of history to explore, with some of the islands largest and most impressive museums being located here. But take a trip out of Nicosia and you can soon be in the mountains for a real contrast. Visit Kalopanagiotis, an ancient village high up in the Troodos mountains. Famous as an ancient spa village, the waters are thought to have healing properties. Or take a stroll among the fruit trees of Kakopeitria village at the foothills of the mountains, just 55km from Nicosia and close to the National Forest Park.  


Discover the natural beauty of Cyprus agrotourism  

When recovering from your medical treatment, you may want to avoid the tourist hot spots and opt for a location that is close to nature, with the freshest air, the most wonderful scenic views, and endless opportunities to enjoy walking or simply relaxing in the sunshine. With so many pretty villages, Cyprus has many great options for a more tranquil and stress-free holiday. For more information regarding your medical journey in Cyprus, please do visit our website or get in touch.   

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