Pyrgos is a village that is definitely worth visiting, not only for its diverse outdoor activities but also for a blissful break. 

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Pyrgos, the main village of the beautiful Tylliria area, belongs to Nicosia district and is built on the northern foothills of Troodos.  What renders the village truly unique is that it combines costal front with hillsides, offering breathtaking sea and mountain view of its surrounding areas. Due to its distinctive location, therefore, the village has the best of both worlds. Apart from the magical scenery, the village has also got charming churches and chapels, located among green surroundings, as well as some of the best fish taverns in the island. If are in need of complete relaxation, then, a getaway to Pyrgos is the ideal choice. With approximately 1500 inhabitants, the village is really quiet, making it the perfect place to unwind and calm your mind during stressful times. 

Being close to nature, particularly near the sea and mountain, means significantly less pollution, hence, less -or even no- stress! Instead of spending hours commuting, you get to spend your free time doing sports, such as hiking and cycling, among scenic routes, getting some Vitamin D from sunbathing under the warm sun and, overall, taking care of your mental health. This is attested by the fact that those who live near nature, according to extensive research, have much lower mortality as well as limited risk of obesity. So, if you can’t move out of the city, the benefits of visiting coastal and mountain areas as often as possible are both numerous and fundamental. Besides, who doesn’t prefer walking or cycling around gorgeous surroundings and breathtaking views instead of working out enclosed within the four walls of a gym? After all, swimming constitutes a full body workout, improving circulation, fighting inflammatory diseases, and boosting the immune system through the seawater’s antibiotic and antibacterial properties. At the same time, who doesn’t like being by the beach listening to the calming sound of the waves and travelling to an entirely different world? Likewise, mountain activities enable you to breath fresh air, absorb oxygen and balance your serotonin, which is known as the hormone of happiness. Since Pyrgos combines both sea and mountain, you get the double beneficial effects on your health!

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While in Kato Pyrgos, you can have fresh fish on a daily basis, caught by local fishermen, or try some of the fruits cultivated in the nearby fields, such as the well-known Pyrgos peaches, lemons, and oranges. These are just a few of the reasons that have turned the village one of the most popular holiday resorts, particularly to those who want a nature escape from the hectic rhythms of city life. There, you can also visit the well-known Chapel of Panagia tis Galoktistis and venerate the 12th and 14th century hagiographies of the chapel. In the village square, there’s a blooming old oak tree which is over 20 metres high. The inhabitants of Pyrgos take pride in this impressive and imposing gem, which has been part of the village since 1898. For finding out more about Pyrgos’ historical significance, there are three Heroes Monuments that are dedicated to local heroes which you can easily visit and enrich your knowledge on Cyprus interesting history.

During spring or summer months, you can relax while sipping a mojito at the dreamy beach bar Grape by the Sea. Just choose your sit at the gazebos on the pebbly shore and relax while overlooking the most gorgeous view of the sea’s crystal-clear waters. In late August, don’t miss the annual Antiskino Festival, in Kato Pyrgos, especially if are you in the mood of exploring art and culture. There, you will have the chance to enjoy various events and workshops under the shade of the eucalyptus trees or even choose the best spot to camp! Right beneath the renovated Pyrgos Bay Hotel, you can swim in one of the most amazing beaches of the island, Omega beach, while stretches on a quiet sandy strip. The organized beach front is the perfect place if you want to escape the busy, more popular beach bars of the island. 

Pyrgos is a village that is definitely worth visiting, not only for its diverse outdoor activities and adventurous hikes in the surrounding areas but also because it forms the ultimate place for a blissful break. if you have any questions about visiting Pyrgos in particular or Cyprus in general, you can always contact us

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