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Autumn in Cyprus is perfect for an escape to the mountains to delve into the countryside’s natural beauty and experience its numerous benefits such as to breathe fresh air, go on unique hikes, discover interesting sights, and try delicious traditional cuisine. While the island has numerous stunning villages worth exploring, now it’s the best time to visit the three colourful villages of Cyprus.  

A very special event took place a few months ago at which three charming Cyprus villages, Vouni, Kalopanyiotis, and Steni, were labelled by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism “Colourful Villages of Cyprus”. This very interesting initiative is based on how traditional villages embrace the principles of sustainability. The ultimate goal is to develop a new culture in the villages in order to maintain and promote their special identity, natural wealth, and cultural heritage, while offering a number of advantages to their communities that relate to the development of agrotourism, and specifically cultural and nature tourism. To achieve this, the villages offer a wide variety of unique activities that aim at embracing and endorsing our island’s traditions. At the same time, this project aims at increasing the popularity of some lovely villages, which however are not widely known and hence do not have many visitors.  

Vouni is one of the most picturesque village’s in Cyprus, located in the Krasochoria region of the Limassol district, on an altitude of 800 metres above sea level. What renders this village truly gorgeous is its quaint alleys full of traditional houses that are characterized by wooden doors, large windows, narrow balconies, and inside yards. The village’s rich and interesting architectural heritage is what has turned it into such a popular destination among visitors, both locals and foreigners, who want to become more acquainted with the village’s life and culture. When you visit Vouni, you will certainly be impressed by its high peaks, particularly ‘Moutti tou Afami’, reaching a height of 1153 metres, and the beds of the rivers ‘Chapotami’ in the west and ‘Kryos Potamos’ in the east. 

Kalopanayiotis is a scenic village that sits at the foothills of Troodos mountains that is famous for its impressive churches, charming chapels, and unique monasteries that belong in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Kalopanayiotis, you can find ultimate relaxation and tranquility at the village’s sulphur springs and try delicious meals at one of the many traditional restaurants. Kalopanayiotis is the ideal place for discovering the island’s unique mountainous countryside by going on various different hikes and exploring the village’s absolutely beautiful nature trails. The village offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and dam from almost anywhere while, in the evening, it acquires a vibrant and energetic atmosphere as it boasts with life.  

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Steni is a small and cute village of around 120 residents in Pafos region, only a short drive from Polis. Despite its small size, Steni offers quite a lot to its visitors. If you are interested in religious monuments, then you should definitely visit the church of Agios Trifonas and the Monastery of Panagia Chrysolakurna. Furthermore, you can walk by the village’s river and enjoy the natural surroundings and wildlife. Finally, for history enthusiasts, there is a Museum of Life, where you will be taken back in time and get to see how people used to spend their daily routine and provide for their families. The museum includes scenes of loom weaving and ploughing, depictions of various different tools and equipment that were used by the villagers, handicrafts, kitchenware, and traditional clothing from its founding to the end of the Second World War. 

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