Cyprus is a wonderful location to enjoy the holidays, with the Christmas spirit very much alive here. Be a part of the festivities & learn about the traditions.

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Many people love to visit Cyprus in the summertime, but a visit in winter is just as rewarding. If you get the chance to spend Christmas on this beautiful island, you really are in for a magical treat. Cyprus is a wonderful location to enjoy the holidays, with the Christmas spirit very much alive here. You’ll find many festive traditions being followed, some of which you’ll be familiar with, but there are others, unique to the island, just waiting to be discovered. Be a part of the festivities and learn about the Cypriot traditions, and try some of the delicious Christmas treats. You’ll be so glad you did…

There’s a huge focus on food at Christmas

Christmas in many countries seems to revolve around delectable treats, but Cyprus seems to take it one step further, with some truly special delicacies and a vast array of tasty dishes. Feasting is important in Cyprus, and Christmas marks the last day of a 40-day fast for the Greek Orthodox religion. While few people actually partake in the fast these days, the feasting that follows is still as popular as ever!

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Special sweets for this magical time of year

Perhaps one of the best things about visiting Cyprus at Christmas is that you’ll get to sample some amazing sweets treats. Two of the most popular traditional Christmas sweets that you absolutely must try are melamakarona and kourabiedes. Melamakarona are Christmas biscuits made from orange and cinnamon which are then glazed in gooey honey and coated in nuts. Kourabiedes are sugar-coated almond biscuits. We recommend you try them both while you’re here!

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The delights of the carol singers

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to hear beautiful Christmas music as carol singers go door to door or perform for you on the streets. It’s traditional for children to go to the homes of friends and family, to sing a Christmas carol, and be rewarded with sweets or a small gift of money.

But beware of the naughty spirits!

However, we have one word of warning if you’re visiting Cyprus over Christmas. This is the time the kalikantzari are out causing trouble. These naughty Christmas spirits are keen on making mischief. So be alert, or you could find yourself having some naughty tricks played on you!

The perfect time to visit for medical tourism

If you’re considering Cyprus for your medical treatment, winter is an excellent time to choose. As Cyprus gets sunshine all year round, you will find the weather is pleasantly warm, but you won’t have the blistering heat of the summer that can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable if you’re recovering from surgery. There are fewer tourists over winter too, so all the attractions are uncrowded, making it a great time to explore the island. Here you’ll find highly skilled medical staff offering affordable, specialised treatments and we’re here to support you every step of the way. If you’re interested to know more, or you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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