Winter is a fantastic time to explore all that this amazing island has to offer. Learn more!

Cyprus is a wonderful place to visit for a summer holiday, but did you know that Cyprus is actually a year-round destination with over 300 days of sunshine every year? Winter is a fantastic time to explore all that this amazing island has to offer. Even in the midst of winter, you’ll never feel cold here, the scenery is truly stunning at this time of year, and many say it’s actually more pleasant to visit the tourist attractions when everywhere is less crowded and the weather is not so overwhelming hot. 

There really is no end to the great things available to see and do here in the winter, but if you’d like to ideas and inspiration, here’s our top pick of 5 things we think you’ll love when you next visit Cyprus in the wintertime...

1 – Go walking in the mountains

Step into a magical winter wonderland along the hiking trails in the mountains. There are so many wonderful routes to explore, with fascinating archaeological sites and ancient churches to discover along the way. When you walk in the mountains, you’ll be rewarded with the most spectacular panoramic views that will simply take your breath away. Just don’t forget to take your camera!

2 – Have fun skiing

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With Cyprus being so closely associated with summer sun-filled holidays, many people don’t even realise you can take to the slopes of the Troodos mountains to discover a range of fantastic ski and snowboard trails. From beginners to those with advanced abilities, everyone can have snow-filled winter fun on these slopes.

3 – See spectacular pink flamingos

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One special treat that visitors to Cyprus in winter can enjoy, is a trip to the salt lakes to see the beautiful pink flamingos. It truly is a unique and spectacular sight, with thousands of these majestic birds flocking to the island between November and March, enjoying a feast of brine shrimp from the salt lakes in Larnaca and Limassol.

4 – Relax in the thermal baths at Kalopanayiotis

Head to picturesque Kalopanayiotis village to enjoy the health-giving benefits of the thermal baths. Believed to have healing properties, these relaxing waters are amazing for de-stressing and boosting your mental well-being, as well as easing aching muscles.

5 - Enjoy delicious traditional Cypriot cuisine

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In Cyprus, food is not just fuel, it’s a delight to be savoured, slowly. All over Cyprus, you’ll find the most amazing local restaurants offering up traditional Cypriot dishes and a warm welcome. Try the local meze, for a real authentic treat. Take your time, never rush a meal in Cyprus, and enjoy a beautiful view as you dine on the traditional delights of the island, a cuisine that takes its influence from three continents, and as such, is truly unique.  

Cyprus in winter is ideal for your medical trip

Many medical tourists choose Cyprus as the location for their treatment. With highly skilled, specialised medical staff and affordable treatments, it’s a great choice, and winter is the perfect time to visit. The weather is pleasant, but not too hot, you can get active or take it easy, and you’ll find the atmosphere laid back, and stress-free. The Cyprus Health Services Promotions Board was established to help anyone overseas looking to find the best medical treatment in Cyprus. From finding the perfect medical team to suit your needs, to arranging flights and accommodation, we’re here to help and advise you every step of the way. If you’d like to find out more, or you have any questions, we’re here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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