For several years now, Cyprus’ physical splendour and exquisite climate have amassed throngs of ardent admirers throughout the year. Still, recently Cyprus has also gained a reputation as a prime excellent healthcare destination, both for its private and public clinics and hospitals.

State general hospitals can be found in all major cities, including a wide net of smaller healthcare institutions, such as clinics and dispensaries. The momentum gained by the private health sector during the last decade has attracted world-renowned doctors of various fields, who have further augmented the island’s repute.

Let us be more precise, though, shall we? Here are five reasons that have made Cyprus an ideal destination for health and wellness.


1. The Island’s Hospitals & Clinics


The last decade, several modern hospitals have been founded, staffed with doctors and healthcare personnel of exceptional skill and experience. Added to the already existing healthcare institutions, Cyprus has more than 80 private hospitals and clinics, with a capacity of 2,500 beds, and a staff of more than 3,000 doctors and dentists. Nurses, physiotherapists

Regarding equipment, hospitals in Cyprus ranks among the most well-equipped and technologically advanced in Europe, allowing specialists from all around the world to perform extremely delicate surgical procedures, as well as utilise ground-breaking technics. 


2. Patient Safety & Security

Patient safety and security is a priority for the Ministry of Health in Cyprus, regarding all types of health services offered within its borders. It ensures that both public and private health institutions comply fully with all relevant European Directives.


3. English Language


Cypriots are all fluent English speakers, including older people. The reason behind this is multifaceted. First of all, Cyprus has been for years under English occupation, thus forcing locals to learn the language to deal with local public administration. Next, the island has an excellent education system, and English is taught from early on. Last, most doctors and health care professionals have concluded their post-graduate studies abroad, mainly in English-speaking countries.


4. Price Is an Important Factor

Healthcare overall expenses is always a significant factor when one searches for the best available option concerning its cure or treatment.

Cyprus hits the nail on the head once again. Its average medical expenses are much lower than the corresponding rates in most European countries with respectable healthcare systems. Simply put, Cyprus’ ratio of value for money regarding health treatment is among the best in the world.


5. Post-Treatment Recuperation

As you would have thought, Cyprus boasts an equally impressive reputation for its post-operative patient care. Apart from the state-of-the-art medical apparatus and the excellent nursing services, the island’s unique climatic conditions, pleasantly warm air, all year round sunshine, dry summers and mild winters, is considered perfect for recovering after serious surgeries and medical operations, as well as for people who are just in need of a nice rest or boosted wellness, since a large number of well-organized spa resorts are scattered across the island.

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