Cyprus is an incredibly magnificent country surrounded by the sea, with one of the best types of the Mediterranean climate and crystal-clear waters fading against its rocky cliffs and sandy beaches.

Water played a significant role in Cyprus’s development and history, and it still does, not just through its sublime shores, but also through its famed state-of-the-art Spa and Wellness centres flourish all around Cyprus. Water is an element with remarkable power, and since our very first environment -our mother’s womb- consisted of water, therapies based on water treatments can rejuvenate our body, mind and soul.

In this article, we present 3 of the most popular spa techniques that help visitors in Cyprus relax, collect their mind and give a boost to their energy levels.


  1. Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy, or else water cure, is any therapy that uses water for pain relief and treatment. In most cases, it is used to enhance thermoregulation, for example, a cool bath to alleviate high fever. Bathing in water with the right temperature is an easy and natural way to help the human organism retain its normal temperature levels. But apart from thermoregulation, hydrotherapy is used for several other purposes:

  • to support exercise;
  • for body massage;
  • for relaxation;
  • as a means for a soluble substance to contact large areas of skin (Epsom salt baths) or even to run an electric current through your body (galvanic baths).

Hydrotherapy is a safe, pleasant and soothing for the body therapy, and nowadays more and more scientists agree on its long-term positive effects on patients.


  1. Thermal Springs

It is scientifically proven that bathing in natural springs with mild or even hot water helps the physical state of the human body and even helps to cure health problems such as

  • arthritis,
  • rheumatism and joint pain,
  • skin disorders,
  • spine injuries,
  • even disorders of the nervous system.

Thermal springs are usually rich in minerals that have a positive effect on the human body. Some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels and wellness resorts are located near natural thermal springs all around Cyprus and pump natural spring water right into their pools, where you can get treatments such as underwater massages, sulphur mud soak and hot and cold alternating massage for improved circulation.


  1. Thalassotherapy


Treatments in Thalassotherapy are very similar to those in Thermal Spas, with the main difference found in the source of the water.

The water is pumped straight from the sea and is heated up to 34 degrees before being used for healing purposes. Seawater is known to promote weight loss, alleviate the stress and speed up post-surgery recovery. In Thalassa Spas in Cyprus, you can also enjoy beauty treatments, reflexology, aromatherapy, algae wraps and Thalasso hot stone therapies.


Invest in the wisdom of the ancients and take care of yourself, both mentally and physically, with nature’s best gift!

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