In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, offers an amazing opportunity for couples who cannot conceive naturally. For anyone who truly wants a child but for whatever reason cannot do so, IVF offers hope and in many cases, a fantastic outcome. If you’re considering IVF, do read on before you make your decision as to where to go for your IVF treatment. It may seem like the logical choice to go to the clinic nearest to your home, but there are actually many benefits of visiting Cyprus for your IVF treatment.



A high success rate in Cyprus IVF clinics

There are many factors involved in choosing a clinic for your IVF treatment, but perhaps the most persuasive, is the increased chance of success in Cyprus clinics. Let us take a look at some statistics. In the UK, success rate for IVF is around 22% and a pregnancy is unlikely to occur during the first round. Compare this with the Cyprus IVF Centre and you’re looking at a huge difference. The success rate is about 77%. That isn’t just a one-off example. The success rate at the ISIS Clinic in Cyprus is a fantastic 80% for fresh embryo transfer and 72% for frozen embryo transfer. Of course success depends on many factors, and success cannot be guaranteed, but you are certainly increasing the likelihood of success when you have your IVF treatment in Cyprus.


Lower costs for IVF in Cyprus

IVF is expensive, but you can definitely reduce the costs by having your IVF treatment in Cyprus. Of course you can’t put a price on a much wanted pregnancy, but by visiting Cyprus for your IVF you can cut down on the costs, giving you more money spare for all those important things you need when baby comes! Your treatment, as well as your accommodation and travel costs will generally add up to less than half the price of having your treatment back home.


Reduced stress with an IVF holiday

Reduced stre

The IVF process can be emotional and stressful. By combining your IVF treatment with a holiday in the Cyprus sunshine, you can make the whole process much less stressful. Take time out to enjoy the sights, spend a while relaxing on the golden sand beaches, and dine outside watching the sunset.

Shorter waiting lists

In many countries, there are long waiting lists for IVF treatment. This is not the case in Cyprus, you can bypass the long queues and get started on your IVF treatment sooner.


Top quality medical care 

top quality

The level of treatment you get in a Cyprus IVF clinic is of the highest standard. You’ll be treated by caring, compassionate and highly trained staff, in modern, clean buildings with the latest most advanced technology. The staff all speak both Greek and English, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t understand what you are being told.

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It’s so simple

You can simply book a package that includes your IVF treatment alongside your travel and accommodation. It’s as easy as booking a holiday. You can enjoy all that Cyprus has to offer, have some quality time with your partner on this beautiful island, all while undergoing your treatment. To find out more about IVF treatment in Cyprus, visit Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board.

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