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Medical tourism has increased in popularity over recent years, so you may have heard the term, but perhaps you don’t fully understand what it means or how it could benefit you? Basically put, medical tourism is a trip out of your own country for medical treatment. There are many different types of medical treatment that you can have abroad, from cosmetic surgery and dentistry to orthopaedic surgery, cardiology, fertility treatment and more.

Cyprus is a great location for your medical treatment. It’s easily accessible, medical staff here are incredibly highly trained, and they all speak very good English, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding something important that your doctor is telling you or not being understood yourself when you’re trying to discuss your important medical treatment. Facilities here are also of the highest standard. Many people are surprised when they find the hospitals here more akin to a hotel than the type of stark unwelcoming medical facilities they are used to back home.

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Why do people seek medical treatment overseas?

You may be wondering why people would travel to another country such as Cyprus for their medical treatment. There are actually a lot of benefits to medical tourism, and that’s why it is so popular. Waiting lists are short and the costs of treatment are low. There may be treatments on offer that are not available in your own country, or new scientific advances that have not been implemented in your home country. Cyprus is also a beautiful island that benefits from year round sunshine, making it the ideal place for recovery and recuperation.

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Who we are

The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board is a non-profit organization focused on developing and promoting Cyprus as a centre of medical excellence both for Cypriots and those overseas who would like to take advantage of all that Cyprus has to offer in a medical capacity. We bring together government departments and medical establishments and we offer advice to patients regarding all aspects of seeking medical treatment in Cyprus.


We can help you to find the perfect hospital for your treatment

We maintain a members list of hospitals approved and licensed by the Government of Cyprus. Most of the best equipped and largest hospitals in the country are members of the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board and we do our best to ensure that everyone who visits our website or gets in touch, is perfectly matched with the medical establishment that will best suit their needs and requirements.


More information is always available

We understand that visiting another country for medical treatment can be a big step, so you’ll find our website a very useful resource with lots of important information that will help to put your mind at rest and ensure that you are fully informed regarding your treatment and all that it entails. On our website you’ll find valuable advice on how to go about planning a medical tourism trip, even down to what you should pack. You’ll discover plenty of information about Cyprus itself too, so you can make sure your recuperation is pleasant and enjoyable as you explore this fascinating and beautiful island.

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