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Seeking dental care abroad is nothing new to our world, but the last decade we’ve seen a new surge in the number of people travelling overseas as dental tourists.

This surge is far from a mere coincidence; there are several tangible benefits in seeking dental care abroad, allowing patients to enjoy prime dental services at affordable prices while coupling it with a nice vacation to another country. Cyprus has established itself as one of the most popular destinations of the sort the last years.

Have you ever considered this possibility for your dental needs or maybe those of your family? If you find the idea a bit far-fetched, just continue reading. You will discover five reasons dental tourism in Cyprus is worth your consideration.


  1. Affordable Dental Treatments

It is by far the most important reason for seeking dental care in Cyprus. In some cases, certain dental treatments in Cyprus cost even 40% less than in western European countries, without any compromising regarding the quality of the services or the final result.


  1. Easy to Schedule

Yes, that is 100% true. Scheduling a dental treatment in Cyprus is a breeze, contrary to many European and Asian countries, where several dental appointments are required before the actual treatment, prolonging the patient’s discomfort or agony, as well as having a negative impact to their professional and personal life.

Cyprus is a cheap flight destination from all across Europe, especially from the UK, and the majority of dental treatments are concluded in two or three visits. Patients can contact their dentist directly via phone, video chat or email since Cypriots are all very fluent in English. Finding accommodation is equally easy, for the same reason.

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  1. Excellent Dental Services

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Cyprus boasts one of the best arrays of private dental clinics in Europe. The vast majority of dentists working there have studied and worked for years in the UK and the USA, using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques at surprisingly affordable prices.


  1. Combined with a Vacation to Europe’s most Beautiful Island

Dental treatment is hardly a reason to rejoice, even for the most optimistic among us! But if it is coupled with a holiday on a beautiful Mediterranean island, then all negative thoughts easily fade away!

Cyprus is a sun-drenched island, with golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters, excellent cuisine and amazing culture. People are very friendly and hospitable and decent accommodation is available all year round.

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  1. Zero Waiting

If you are fed up with long waiting lists, then Cyprus will not let you down. Besides, long waiting periods often increase the overall cost of the dental treatment – not to mention the discomfort of both the patient and his or her family. In Cyprus, you will get your treatment immediately, concluding it as fast as your dental issue allows.

Far from trifles all these benefits, don’t you think? Their combination is what has transformed Cyprus into such a popular dental tourism destination, saving patients from Europe and Asia considerable sums of money and time, and allowing them to enjoy the island’s sublime physical beauty.


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