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Your heart beats all day, every day of your life. It certainly works hard so it’s incredibly important to keep your heart in great condition, so it will serve you well for many years to come. There are many ways in which you can change your lifestyle to ensure your heart health is at its peak and lower your risks of heart disease, heart attack and stroke…


Give up smoking

When you quit smoking, in just 12 months you’re halving the risks of dying from heart disease, compared to someone who smokes. Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do for your heart, and for the rest of your body too. We know it can be tough, but the benefits are incredible and it’s so worth it.


Eat a Mediterranean diet

Changing the way you eat will also have a huge benefit on your heart health. Follow a Mediterranean diet like that eaten in Cyprus and you’ll be getting all the vital nutrients necessary for heart health. The Mediterranean diet is rich in virgin olive oil which is the most healthy fat you can choose. Swap your usual fats for olive oil and you’re lowering your risks of heart disease.

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Healthy Tips for Looking After your Heart inner2

Get more exercise

It’s easy to get more exercise when you’re in Cyprus. Take a long hike on one of the many beautiful nature trails, stroll along the seafront, go for a dip in the ocean or in your pool or enjoy some beach or water sports. Increasing your activity levels will definitely be of benefit to your heart.


Keep your weight at the right level

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for good heart health. Being overweight can put extra strain on your heart, but being underweight can also have an adverse impact, so find out what your ideal weight range is and try to achieve this goal.


De-stress and be happy

Your mental state can also affect your heart health. Depression can put you at a greater risk of heart disease, so make an effort to do things that make you feel happy. Get out in the Cyprus sunshine and take time out to relax and admire a beautiful view. Spend time with friends, have fun, laugh, do things you enjoy. These days we all seem to rush around so much, we forget to stop and enjoy life. Take a leaf out of the book of the people of Cyprus and slow down that hectic pace of life. Your heart will thank you for it.


Cut down on alcohol

Too much alcohol, and binge drinking can also put your heart health at risk. Try not to drink lots of alcohol all at once. It’s much better to enjoy an occasional glass of red wine. If you do fancy a drink, try the award winning local Cyprus red wines, they’re so delicious you’ll want to savour it slowly.


Keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

High blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels can have a negative impact on your heart health, so do get these checked regularly. Your doctor will then be able to help you manage this effectively.


Learn more about the Cypriot lifestyle and Mediterranean Diet

Change your habits, and your diet and you’re investing in the health of your heart. To find out more about the Mediterranean diet and all the advantages it offers to health and your taste buds, visit out website.

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