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One of the wonderful things about Cyprus is that the weather is very good all year round. So when it comes to fall, you’re still going to be able to take a dip in the ocean or enjoy water sports if you choose to, but there are some more wonders to behold if you take the time to find them. Cyprus always has a magical air to it, but in the fall a beautiful transformation takes place. So while you may feel a little chillier in the evenings, you can still enjoy everything that this wonderful island has to offer, and enjoy these places that take on an extra dimension during the fall. It’s the perfect time of year for hiking, when the sun isn’t at its strongest and your walk will be so pleasurable and comfortable.

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1. Troodos National Park

This time of year is the perfect time to visit the Troodos National Park. The leaves on the trees that cling to the sides of the mountain turn beautiful shades of red, gold and orange. You’ll find some gorgeous walking trails here with the most stunning panoramic views from the top of the Troodos mountains. It’s a wonderful natural experience, and so tranquil at this time of year, before the snow settles on the mountains and the skiers flock to enjoy the slopes.


2. Tzieloefos Bridge

falling in love with cyprus inner

The Pafos forest feels so magical at this time of year, you can almost imagine a fairytale world dwelling here. The beautiful Tzieloefos Bridge is well worth a walk to, a medieval bridge set in the forest around 8km from the village of Kaminaria. For a longer walk you can take the full Venetian Bridges trail that also includes the Elia Bridge and the Roudias Bridge. Don’t forget your camera, the bridges with a backdrop of the forest in full fall colour are breathtaking.


3. Kalidonia Waterfalls

This awe-inspiring waterfall was named by Scottish visitors when it reminded them of the beauty of their homeland. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus with a cascade of over 12m. It truly is a sight to behold! Access to the falls is easy by vehicle, or on foot along the pleasant nature trail.

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4. Villages – Platania and Platres

The unspoilt village of Platres is truly unique. It sits within the Troodos mountains at an altitude of 1,100 meters. The village is set into the slope of the mountain with the buildings at different heights. It’s a tranquil, peaceful place that’s popular with tourists looking for relaxation and solitude. You really can get away from it all in Platres.

Fall is the perfect time of year for a picnic, and if you’re looking for the most picturesque picnic location then head to Platania. This beautiful setting puts you in the heart of the fall foliage and there’s camping facilities too if you’d like to make a longer trip here. This pretty spot is as popular with locals as it is with tourists.


5. Klarios River

The Klarios river is captivating at any time of year, but with the natural fall colours coming into play, it’s truly remarkable, like something from another world. Take a stroll along the path that runs beside the river and embrace the feeling of serenity that fills you. Take a moment to stop and listen to the sounds as the water babbles over the rocks. You could easily be mistaken into thinking you’d slipped into a dream.


The perfect destination all year round

The seasons simply can’t spoil a visit to Cyprus, there’s something to enjoy every month of year. If you’re visiting Cyprus for healthcare reasons, you’ll find it perfect for recuperation, even if you’re not here in the height of summer. Visit our website to learn more about Cyprus Healthcare.

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