Cyprus is a beautiful sunny island, and while it’s absolutely wonderful to enjoy the sunshine, you need to take some extra measures to ensure you’re enjoying it safely. You don’t want to spoil your holiday feeling ill from heatstroke or uncomfortable from sun burn! Here’s how to make the most of the Cyprus summer sun without risking your health


Wear light colours

wear light colours

Dark clothes absorb more heat from the sun than light coloured clothes. This heat is then transferred to your body, making you hotter. Wearing pale colours will help you to keep cool, and you’ll look more summery too!


Wear the right fabrics

Also, the fabric of your clothes can make a huge difference to how cool or hot you feel. Avoid synthetic fabrics or heavy fabrics such as velvet or wool. Instead opt for lightweight natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. These will absorb sweat and allow the breeze to flow through.


Protect your head from the sun

The hot midday sun beaming down onto the top of your head can lead to sunstroke if you’re not careful. When the sun is at its hottest, be sure to wear a sun hat or head scarf to keep the heat away from your head.


Cool off with a shower

Taking a quick shower is the perfect way to get your entire body back down to a comfortable temperature. It’s so refreshing and cleansing, getting into the habit of showering two of three times a day will be very beneficial and leave you feeling re-energised.


Eat well

eat well

A healthy diet brings with it huge benefits for your health, and this is even more pronounced when you are in the sunshine of Cyprus. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast, as this can leave you feeling dizzy and tired. Make the most of the wonderful fruit and vegetables available on the island. 


Always apply sunscreen

A good quality, high factor sunscreen will stop your skin burning and also help to protect you from cancer. Remember to apply it to all exposed parts of your body, and if you change later, for instance from a dress into a swimsuit, don’t forget any extra areas that are now on show! Even if there are some clouds in the sky, you can still burn so you mustn’t skip the sunscreen even if you feel it isn’t roasting hot.


Keep yourself well hydrated

Becoming dehydrated is a common problem but it’s so easy to avoid. When we’re hot we are losing water through sweat, so it’s really important to get those fluids back into our bodies. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine and drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. When you go out, always take a bottle of water with you. Regular sips of water while out exploring the sights of Cyprus will help to keep you energised and alert.


Enjoy your time on this wonderful island

enjoy your time on this wonderful island

There is just so much to see, and so much to do here in Cyprus, we know you’ll have a wonderful time. Now that you know how to avoid risking your health when the sun is beaming down on you, you’ll have an even more brilliant experience. You can discover more about all that Cyprus has to offer, and more great advice for tourists on our free guide.

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