When you’re getting ready for your medical trip to Cyprus, it can seem rather stressful deciding what to pack to take with you. The trick to reducing your stress levels and making your trip go smoothly is to plan well. Write a checklist in advance of your trip and you’ll simply be able to tick everything off when you’re packing. Here are some important things to add to your checklist that you simply mustn’t forget to take with you…


  1. Your passport

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people arrive at the airport without their passport! Make sure you have it safely in your bag, in a place where you can access it easily.


  1. Your medical papers

You’ll need your paperwork to give to your consultant. You may not be allowed to undergo your surgery if you don’t have all your paperwork, so it’s a good idea to make extra copies. Perhaps put one in your suitcase and keep one in your hand luggage, so if you should lose either bag, you’ll still have a copy of all your papers. Additionally, you could keep digital copies on your phone as an extra backup.


  1. Emergency contact information

It will give you peace of mind if you keep a list of contact numbers on you. Numbers for back home, details of your hotel, your doctor and suchlike.


  1. Appropriate clothing

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You’ll want comfortable clothing for your recuperation such as pyjamas and slippers. Remember it’s likely to be warm in Cyprus, so bear this in mind. You’ll also want some summer clothes for spending time on the beach or taking a stroll. A sun hat is essential to ensure you don’t get sunstroke, and of course don’t forget your sunglasses. After your surgery you may feel the cold a little more than normal, so do take some warmer clothes too in case you feel a little chilly in the evening.


  1. Medicines

Check with your doctor if it’s advisable to take any medication with you such as painkillers.

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  1. After-care Items

Additionally, find out if you will need any after care items such as bandages and gauze. It may be easier for you to buy these at home and take them with you rather than trying to find just what you need once you’re in Cyprus.

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  1. Insect repellents and sun cream

Remember to pack your insect repellent and some good sun cream, the sun can get very hot in Cyprus, and while it’s perfect for relaxing and recovering, sun burn is the last thing you will want!


  1. Home comforts

You’ll feel more at home in your hotel if you take some home comforts. This might be your pillow or blanket, or perhaps a cuddly toy to keep you company.


  1. Money

Some local currency will always come in handy, you never know what you may need to buy. Take a stroll to a cafe and enjoy a coffee overlooking the sea or treat yourself to some delicious local cuisine.


  1. Sickness tablets

When you’re recovering from your procedure, you don’t want to have to deal with feeling sick too. You may well not need it, but it’s reassuring to have such things to hand, just in case.


And relax!

Once you have your checklist ready, the stress of your upcoming trip will fade away and you can put your thoughts to more fun things such as the time you’ll spend sunbathing or in the pool and the sights you’d love to see while you’re there. To find out more about Cyprus and medical tourism in Cyprus visit our website.

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