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When you have your surgery in Cyprus, you’re already in the perfect place to recuperate. The Cyprus sunshine is ideal for aiding your recovery and making you feel more relaxed. Join in with the slower pace of life as you take it easy and allow your body to recover and your mind to unwind. Enjoy healthy local food, take some time out at the beach and sit at the ocean front to watch the stunning sunsets. You shouldn’t overdo it when you’re in recovery, but it’s great to get some gentle exercise. Cyprus has plenty of wonderful places to take a stroll in the sun and breathe in that fresh air. Here are some of the best Cyprus city parks to visit. You’ll have a fantastic time, you’ll see some stunning views and you’ll be helping your mind and your body get over the surgery faster.


Polemidia National Forest Park

Polemidia National Forest Park is a little way outside of Limassol but it’s certainly worth the drive. If you love a good view then this is one walk that certainly won’t disappoint. Set back inland, away from the coast, you can gaze down on the ocean and the city. Take a moment to sit down on a bench and soak up those views.


Athlalassa National Park

Located in the heart of the capital, yet with a feeling of total remoteness, this park has various routes you can take and all are highly enjoyable. The circular route around the lake is particularly pleasant and not too gruelling.

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Cape Greco National Park

Don’t forget to pack your camera when you visit Cape Greco National Park! You may be recuperating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some holiday snaps too. This park offers you 16km of coastal trails to follow and is one of the most photographed areas in the whole of Cyprus. The sea caves and cliffs are particularly impressive. There’s nothing quite like breath-taking scenery to help ease your mind and lift your spirits.


Rizoelia National Forest Park

Just a short drive outside of Larnaca lies the hidden gem of Rizoelia National Forest Park. Nature lovers will discover a huge array of native wild flowers here. There’s a feeling of tranquillity in this park that really is something rather special.


Troodos National Forest Park

troodos national forest park

The Troodos National Forest Park is a little different to the other parks we’ve mentioned as it’s situated around Mount Olympus at the top of the mountain range. Due to its elevated location, it offers the most amazing panoramic views. With ten different trails to explore, you’ll always find something new to see here. A truly uplifting experience.


Your post-operative exercise regime will be fun in Cyprus

Exercise is often recommended for anyone recovering from surgery. It gets you mobile and it gives your health a boost. Getting our exercise back home can be a chore, but when you’re in Cyprus, you’ll want to get out and explore the stunning parks. Each park is different, but each offers the same benefits for mind and body. Your body will become stronger with each step, the sunshine will give your immune system a boost, and the peace of the parks will clear your mind of stress. To find out more about Cyprus and all it has to offer, please visit our website by clicking on this link.

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