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There’s something magical about swimming in the sea, with crystal clear waters you can take a moment to gaze at the bottom of the ocean and it’s also incredibly good exercise. It’s revitalising for both body and mind. Swimming in the sea is perhaps something you associate with the summer months, but with the ideal climate of Cyprus, you can swim at any of the many gorgeous blue flag beaches all year round as the sea is always pleasantly warm. With an average of 320 days of sunshine, and winter water temperatures of around 22 degrees, there’s really no reason why you can’t swim every day in Cyprus!


The health benefits of winter swimming

Swimming in cooler water is actually even better for your health than swimming when the sea is very warm. It’s great if you’re trying to lose a few pounds as it gives your metabolism a boost so you burn more calories swimming in winter than swimming in summer. It also helps to improve your immune system, encouraging your body to create more white blood cells to defend your body from illness and disease. If you swim in winter you could be helping to fend off those winter colds! In addition, a winter swim will increase your blood flow and improve circulation, this has some great benefits for heart health.

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The impact of winter swimming on mental health

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Swimming in colder water makes your body release certain hormones that have a very positive effect on our mood. Swim in winter and you may well find that you feel happier and less stressed. Stress is a huge problem in our hectic modern world, and it can lead to some serious health conditions, so doing anything you can to banish stress from your life is a good idea, and what better way to do that than a lovely swim on a Cyprus blue flag beach?


Some of the best swimming spots in Cyprus

There are so many wonderful places to swim in Cyprus, everyone has their own favourite, but here are some that we think are ideal for a winter swim…


Coral Bay – Paphos

If you’re making it a family day out, then Coral Bay is a good choice as this large beach has shallow waters that are safe for the children to play in. It’s a great family-friendly spot.


Porto Pomos – Pomos

If you prefer a secluded spot to swim in peace without having to keep an eye out for other swimmers getting in your way, head to Porto Pomos. This unspoilt beauty spot offers both privacy and tranquillity.


Nissi Beach – Ayia Napa

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If you’re at the beach for a swim, but also want to enjoy other activities such as water sports and prefer a beach that’s packed full of amenities such as restaurants and beach activities then Nissi Beach really does have it all. Enjoy your swim during the day, then stay into the evening to attend one of the fantastic beach parties that are hosted here.


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Whichever beach you choose, you can guarantee it will offer you stunning views, crystal clear waters and golden sand. Would you like to learn more about the health-giving destination of Cyprus? Visit our website or drop us a line.

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