inner cyprus the perfectr vacation for health and wellness

Cyprus is a wonderful vacation destination and it’s no surprise that many tourists choose this beautiful island with its stunning views and year round sunshine. However, in recent years, vacations that are focused on health improvement have become popular and Cyprus has a lot to offer for these holidaymakers. Taking a vacation is great for your mental well being, just getting away from the stresses of everyday life can work wonders for the mind. Visit Cyprus for your wellness break and you can also give your physical health a real boost too.


Choose your ideal wellness vacation accommodation

You’ll find some wonderful choices for a yoga retreat or spa vacation in Cyprus. When you choose to stay at a location that is tailored towards well being, everything is right there for you. You’ll have all the amenities of a luxury hotel, a beautiful room, a pool for relaxation, but you’ll have even more. Food will be tailored towards good health, you’ll find classes on offer so you can discover the rewards of yoga, or give your day a kick start with an early morning exercise class. Ease away those aches and pains with a beneficial spa treatment and look out for activities on offer such as snorkelling lessons, tennis or mountain biking. You’ll find all this and more at residences such as Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort and Casale Panayiotis Luxury Spa Retreat.


Find peace in nature

inner find peace in nature

Cyprus abounds with natural beauty. Enjoy the tranquillity as you take a moment to gaze at the unspoilt panoramic views. Discover the many nature trails of Cyprus, you’ll find some awe-inspiring surprises on your journey, and the exercise will be so beneficial. When the weather is so beautiful, a long walk is a true pleasure.


Spend a day at a spa

A day spent at a spa is a wonderful way to pamper yourself, and it can also be as highly beneficial for your body, as it is for your mind. A massage will relax you and it will ensure your muscles are free from knots and tension. A facial can work wonders for the condition of your skin, leaving you looking fresh faced and more youthful. Make the most of all the facilities and enjoy the benefits of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. After a day at a spa you’ll sleep wonderfully, putting you in the perfect state of mind and body to enjoy the next day of your vacation even more.

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Enjoy a Mediterranean diet

inner enjoy a mediterannean diet

You are what you eat, so they say, and when you stay in Cyprus, you’ll be overwhelmed by just how delicious the local cuisine is. But, not only is the food delicious, it’s also incredibly good for you, making the most of fresh fruit and vegetables and health-giving olive oil. Most people tend to put on a few pounds in weight while they’re on vacation, but in Cyprus it’s so easy to make healthy choices. With such healthy foods on your plate, you can afford to take the occasional treat, so don’t forget that Cyprus has some wonderful traditional sweets, and the local wines are truly special, perfect for savouring as you watch the stunning sunset.

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Reap the benefits of the sunshine with climatotherapy

We all know the feeling of sunshine on our body, how it makes us feel brighter and more alive. It’s so true that spending time in the sun puts us in a wonderful state of mind. When you’re in the sun, your body can produce more of the vital vitamin D that it needs. If you’re recuperating from an operation or an illness, spending time in a warmer climate can really help to speed up your recovery and improve your state of mind too.


Feel better in Cyprus

Why not discover the health benefits of a wellness vacation in Cyprus for yourself? This island is packed full of beauty and has so much to offer. Find out more about your health-boosting vacation options in Cyprus today.

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